Ignorant Summer

by Put Under

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All music by Put Under
All lyrics by Jason Whitman

Artwork by Tessa BX


released July 12, 2014

Recorded & Mixed by Miles Austin



all rights reserved


Put Under New Jersey

Jason Montagna, Lance Gray, Allen Cottrell, Jason Whitman

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Track Name: Too Late To Explain
how could i ever explain?
how could you ever understand?
that i didn't blame you.
that doesn't mean i didn't resent you.

so i tossed it around just to see what sticks.
i assessed its value for all it's worth.

how could i ever explain?
how could you ever understand?
now it's time to tell the truth.
i rather it have been you.
Track Name: The Fall
i run into traffic.
it's my attempt at having
some sort of connection.
So i can feel.
something or anything at all.

Somewhere along the way, i lost my drive my will to live.
So now i wander, simply existing,
With twisted eyes and blurred vision i try to see.
through the fog and the haze of depression.

i put my hand out,
you pulled away,
you let me fall
into the darkness
i never came out.
Track Name: True Bliss
if I could just close my eyes and there be nothing there.
no images or thoughts, flooding in.
It would be a true escape
a chance to to experience
what i'd consider to be true bliss.
to find that power off switch
refresh and reset
slip away to nothing
a perfect silence.

i'd lose myself in the quiet of that emptiness.

If only for a moment, a chance to truly rest.
I'd trade it in for everything and never look back.
Track Name: Isolated
total isolation
you've been set aside.
with nothing but your mind
to kill the time.
no forward movement
no straight ahead.
you spend every moment
looking behind

staring back in time.

frozen and afraid to make a move,
convinced you've got nothing left to prove.

it's just you
it's always been

in a world full of people, you're still alone.
Track Name: Born to be Erased
early on i learned
we are on our own.
in my darkest hour
i shouted at the sky

my desperate cries.

we are born to be erased.
as a youth i faced disease and i witnessed death,
so i put my faith in the one thing i knew to be true,
we are born to be erased.

when every breath that i take
brings me that much closer to death.
every morning that i wake,
is another day time takes away.